The EGC Group

What is the EGC ?

The EGC group forms an informal association of governmental CERTs in Europe. Its members effectively cooperate on matters of incident response by building upon a fundament of mutual trust and understanding due to similarities in constituencies and problem sets.
To achieve this goal, the EGC members:

  • Jointly develop measures to deal with large-scale or regional network security incidents;
  • Facilitate information sharing and technology exchange relating to IT security incidents and malicious code threats and vulnerabilities;
  • Identify areas of specialist knowledge and expertise that could be shared within the group;
  • Identify areas of collaborative research and development on subjects of mutual interest.

CERT-FR has been a founding member of EGC since 2003.
Current EGC members are:

  • CCN-CERT (Spain)
  • (Belgium)
  • CERT-Bund (Germany)
  • CERT-EU (European Institutions, Bodies and Agencies)
  • CERT-FR (France)
  • CERT-SE (Sweden)
  • CFCS-DK (Denmark)
  • GovCERT Austria (Austria)
  • GovCERT.CH (Switzerland)
  • NCSC-FI (Finland)
  • NCSC-NL (Netherlands)
  • NCSC-NO (Norway)
  • NCSC-UK (United Kingdom)