InterCERT France

CERT-FR is one of the founding members of InterCERT-France (formerly InterCERT-FR).

What is InterCERT France?

InterCERT France is a non-profit organisation which constitutes the first CSIRT community in France.

This community aims at strengthening the capacity of each member to detect and respond to security incidents impacting their perimeter. The exchange of experience and the sharing of information thus contribute to the achievement of this objective.

The association is managed by a bureau, a board of directors and a permanent team.

In case of request, you can contact The table below lists the bodies and contact points of InterCERT-France members who wish to be listed.

Organisation CSIRT Representative Phone @ PGP FIRST TF CSIRT
Advens CSIRT Advens David Quesada 0184163026 0x16C7AB39
AG2R La Mondiale CERT-ALM Marine Martin 0141051886 0x0BE34B15
Airbus Airbus CERT Vincent Faye 0582051234 0xC3EAE1CA
Almond CERT CWATCH Julien Steunou 0183753694 0xA872E235
Amadeus Amadeus CERT Nicolas Veys 0492946000 0xEABA58E9
ANS CERT Santé Emmanuel Sohier 0972439125 0x8E92D7E3
ANSSI CERT-FR Chloé Chabanol 0171758468 0x1B45CF2A
Association Cert-IST Cert-IST Martine Giralt 0534394488 0x350A60BA
AXA Group Operations AXA CERT Marcos Orallo 0142290815 0x676D7D05
Banque de France CERT-BDF James Atack 0142929302 0xED92F9C3
BPCE CERT Groupe BPCE Laurent Cart-Lamy 0158407575 0x4FBDF286
BNP Paribas CSIRT Groupe BNP Paribas Nicolas Agnan 0140142695 0x37978414
Carrefour France SOC/CSIRT Carrefour David Charpagne 0169361193 0x84A4CC51
Caisse des Dépôts CERT-CDCFR Étienne Baudin 0607348654 0x047D40DD
Crédit Agricole CERT-AG Marc-Frédéric Gomez 0x68604E3F
Crédit Mutuel Arkéa CERT Arkéa Guillaume Roussel 0534462257 0x7959BCAF
Crédit Mutuel Euro-Information CERT CM EI 0388146001 0x14C53F7B
Danone CERT Danone Sabine d’Argoeuves 0xA555C07B
Dassault Aviation CSIRT Dassault Aviation Mickael Audibert 0147114855 0xBD3A89A3
Deloitte France D-CSIRT Jaafar Chbili 0140882829 0xAEF73AF9
Devoteam CERT-Devoteam Olivier Chatail 0664489627 0x22D95AEE CERT-DS Thomas Gayet 0170838584 0x47F5AFCA
EDF CERT EDF Julien Leroux 0x9DE98FF9
Éducation Nationale COSSIM Vincent Ribaillier 0155552744 0xA63DEDB3
ENEDIS CERT ENEDIS Christian Martinez 0806800300 0x55337A7D
ENGIE CERT ENGIE Alain Delava 0x7CA05C4D
France Cyber Maritime M-CERT Olivier Jacq 0257520987 0x2485CF71
GIP RENATER CERT RENATER François-Xavier Andreu 0153942044 0x7D8BBE55
Groupe Nexter CERT NEXTER Christophe Dubois 0x715FAEA2
Intrinsec Sécurité CERT Intrinsec Alexandre Buirette-Carle 0147283839 0xDA5828ED
Le Groupe La Poste CERT La Poste Frédéric Le Bastard 0249097050 0x3D657C2C
L’Oréal CSIRT L’Oréal Grégory Versace 0147568137 0xD0049AA4
Michelin CERT Michelin Pierre Raufast 0473304553 0xC64D4D12
Ministère des Armées FR-MIL-CERT 0171768527 0xF512B3AF
Ministère de l’Intérieur C2MI Valérie Couché 0561128050 0xFC1AA7FE
Nameshield Nameshield CERT (CERT-NS) Arnaud Jolivet 0285293252 0xFDEC46EF
Naval Group Naval Group CERT Pascal Mercier 0x3167396E
ON-X Groupe CERT ON-X Olivier Revenu 0140992999 0x8C7BCBC0
Orange Orange-CERT-CC Vincent Maurin 0x38382441
Orange Cyberdefense CERT Orange Cyberdefense Nicolas Pougetoux 0810336060 0xBD54B276
OVH CSIRT-OVH Sébastien Mériot 0972623001 0x4EB57EF1
Police nationale CSIRT-PJ François Lexis 0147449755 0x6A36CF72
PwC France PwC FR CSIRT Philippe Baumgart 0xD8D19AB9
Safran CERT Safran Nicolas Louis 0631242627 0x4F8545E2
Saint-Gobain Saint-Gobain CSIRT Michaël Mialhe 0x5BD1A72D
Sekoia CERT Sekoia Gael Muller 0805692142 0xE48E6332
SNCF CERT-SNCF Patrick Engel 0xC4D5555E
Société Générale CERT Société Générale Olivier Berni 0158987200 0xB71A3D14
Sogeti CERT Sogeti ESEC Eric Pillmann 0xD4D70FA9
Sopra Steria Group CERT Sopra Steria 0672630190 0xD6436623
SUEZ CSIRT SUEZ Antoine Pelloux 0xE172F74A
Synacktiv CSIRT Synacktiv Arnaud Pilon 0971182769 0x942D2A89
Synetis CERT Synetis Antoine Coutant 0230213104 0xFE307877
STMicroelectronics ST CSIRT 0x965DA7FD
Thales THA-CERT Julien Mongenet 0x026A9D84
TotalEnergies SE TotalEnergies CERT Alexis d’Ussel 0141352203 0xB2F5B2F5
Ubisoft CERT-UBISOFT Patrice Roy 0148185000 0xD2393352
Université de Strasbourg / CNRS DR10 CERT OSIRIS Guy Brand 0xCB86C154
VINCI VINCI-CERT Vincent Le Toux 0x887C445A
Wavestone SA CERT-W Nicolas Gauchard 0149032726 0x5D44D0B4
XMCO CERT-XMCO Charles Dagouat 0179352951 0x17587ED8


The statutes of InterCERT-France define the modus operandi of the association which each member of the group agrees to respect. These are adopted following a two-thirds majority vote at the General Assembly, and may change over time. This document will be updated as necessary.

InterCERT France Statutes (in French)

Rules of procedure

The Rules of procedure of InterCERT France completes the Statutes and defines the internal regulations that each participant in the group signs when joining and undertakes to respect. This document will be updated as necessary.
Rules of procedure (in French)
Co-optation form for membership (in French)

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